Tap Dance Team Building
Experiencial Learning through Tap Dance
Learning Designed for Your Team
Tap Dance Team Building uses the form of tap dance, a percussive dance, to help teams encounter and engage with real-life concepts. Each training is customized for your needs and can be combined lecture-style presentations.
Themes Include:
  •   Navigating Change
  • Empathy Building
  • Listening
  • Circle of Safety
  • and more! 
I discovered through his words, movement, and gentle encouragement, that I am in fact a dancer, as an individual and definitely in a group.
Brenda Cowan
SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology
A Novel Experience
Want a new kind of group training for your team? Want something that is both enjoyable and applicable? Tap Dance Team Training is just that.
Participants Experience
  •   Embodied Learning
  • Fast Feedback
  • Exploring Big Ideas through Metaphor
  • NO Prior Dance Experience or Special Equipment Required 
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